Important Links

FeaturedBlog2Use the Links below for Information about Cross Country Ski Equipment, Ski Techniques, Training, other Cross Country Ski Areas and Backcountry Skiing.

Other Associations – a great resource for information about cross country ski destinations, news, events and special offers, Top 10 lists, and more.

Professional Ski Instructors of America – PSIA The governing body of certified nordic ski instruction

Cross-Country Ski Areas Association –   Great resource for all things related to cross-country skiing!


Fischer Skis  Largest ski manufacturer, impressive race results.

Alpina  One stop shopping for cross-country skis, boots, bindings and poles

Atomic Skis   Great skis especially racing and Telemark

Reliable Racing Supply  Great Nordic catalog,

Swix Sports Wax and ski poles, plus ski clothing and accessories.


The Master Skier   Great magazine, cutting edge fitness articles for cross-country ski racers

Cross-Country Skier Magazine  General interest magazine for where to go, technique, and equipment.

Adirondack Sports and Fitness  Local publication, great columns, timely race results, 4 seasons of sports and fitness

X-C Ski World   Olympic coverage, links to everything else related to cross-country skiing

Ski Trax Magazine North American Journal of Cross Country Skiing

Faster Skier Website  All the latest Cross Country Ski News

Grooming Equipment

Yellowstone Track Systems  Cross-country ski trail grooming equipment, especially for snowmobile grooming